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Gallery – Stuart Campbell


The Australian Dream

This spacious 4 bedroom home is an absolute family treasure. It's location, only minutes away from a big pile of dirt will ensure absolute privacy. Rendered with gold cardboard, vivid green astro grass and complete with 'Parthenon' style plastic water features makes it a hard one to walk past. No family will have any trouble connecting with this community. The house has been beautifully designed to look exactly like those of it's neighbours for the next seventeen blocks. Live the dream today!


The Work

The settlers have never stopped settling. The dream of the land has become the dream of the house. All other dreams have been buried beneath concrete plots and super highways as one suburban sprawl merges with another. And as we stare beyond the mesmerizing view of cloned houses, fake grass and plastic bird pools, it's a struggle to believe any of it is sacred.

Stuart Campbell