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We’ve compiled some references to help
get you thinking about
Australia and the
Australian identity.
52 Suburbs
Louise Hawson
And they all lived happily ever after
Andrew Ashton
Kevin Finn
Australia / USA
A Nation of Nations
Map of Australian Aboriginal Groups
Feathered Dogs
by Emily Valentine – Artist
UN Climate Change Report
Eamo Donnelly
Australian Illustrator and Artist
The Australian Pie
Sydney International Food Festival Flags
Lecture by Gary Foley
Festival of Dangerous Ideas
The Place in Between
by Narelle Autio
Last Anzac is dead
May 17 2002
The Lucky Country
by Donald Horne
Meanjin Quarterly
The best of new Australian writing
Pop Culture Racism 'Stereotyping Australia'
ABC News Article
Rudd & Obama: Meeting of the Minds
The Age newspaper
Ghosts of the Billabong
The Australian (newspaper)
Anthony Lister – Artist
Whitefella Jump Up: The Shortest Way to Nationhood
by Germaine Greer
Media Savy Boat People
Minutes to Midnight
by Trent Parke (Magnum)
The Big Debate Downunder
BBC News Article
Paul Kelly Tribute
AusMusic Month — Triple J
Reg Mombassa
Australian Artist
Triple J
Australian Aboriginal Cricket Team
England 1868
Australian Indigenous Art Triennial
Image by Daniel BOYD – Governor No Beard
Antipodal Points
Australia's relationship with the world
The Indian Ocean Solution
by David Marr (The Monthly)
Melbourne Cricket Ground
"Spiritual Home of Australian Sport"
Wake in Fright
Classic Australian film (1971)
Roadkill of the week
by Bob Gosford
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