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Gallery – Nick Lewis
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2010 Australian English Test for Foreigners

Swearingness is close to Godliness my mother always told me. True human expression requires creativity, combining things of difference to create new things with more awesomeness. Australians know how to do this fucking well. So who cares whether a potential NEW Australian knows what the damn national flower is or what the altruistic definition of Mateship is — I'm Australian and I couldn't give a Jatz Cracker. What I care about, as a Native Citizen, is having a good time and ripping on people and I enjoy the company of like minded individuals.

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Nick Lewis

The middle child of a Chartered Accountant and a Private School Canteen Lady, Nicholas was forced at an early age to rely highly on the magical world of fantasy. Where else can a person fondle a zucchini, marry a talking rabbit, swear freely at a neighbour's irritating child or roundhouse kick an unenthusiastic supermarket checkout kid into a coma without consequence? Only in the fantasmalistical world of fictionality where society's "standards" of human to human love and anti-violence are irrelevant. You have something on your mind? Then close your eyes and sort it out it in whatever way you see fit.